Thank You, Bill O’Reilly

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Lloyd Marcus Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee
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No, I am not going to defend Bill O’Reilly. I am clueless regarding his guilt or innocence. But I will say that the Left’s glaring hypocrisy regarding sexual harassment is off the chain. All of the women with strong evidence of sexual harassment, including criminal behavior, by Bill Clinton were gang assaulted by the Left (Democrats, Hollywood and fake news media).

I remember how incensed I was when the Left threw all men in powerful positions under the bus to cover for Bill Clinton. Their narrative was every man in Clinton’s position would succumb to oral favors from an intern. My dad was pastor of a large church. My brother headed his county’s youth football association. Neither would ever sink to Clinton’s behavior.

My purpose for writing is to thank Bill O’Reilly for compassionate positions he took on two extremely important issues.

As a black American who has been trying for decades to tear down the wall of my fellow blacks’ blind loyalty to Democrats, O’Reilly’s compassionate talking points memo, “The disintegration of the African-American family” had me standing up and cheering. The Left went nuts, typically branding O’Reilly a racist. Everything O’Reilly said was 100% true.

Because the Left views blacks as useful idiots in their quest to transform America into a Socialist nation, anyone (black or white) who dares offer real solutions to issues devastating black families, the Left vilifies into silence. Thanks Bill for caring and courageously going public with your common sense solutions to help black Americans.

Then, there was Bill O’Reilly proposing “Kate’s Law” in response to her shocking death at the hands of an illegal-alien, multiple criminal offender. Kate Steinle was a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her. Enjoying a leisurely Sunday stroll on a San Francisco pier with her dad, Kate was shot and killed by an illegal-alien who had been deported 5 times. After Kate collapsed, Jim Steinle held his daughter in his arms. Kate’s last words were, “Help me, dad.”

O’Reilly’s “Kate’s Law” suggested a mandatory 5 year sentence in federal prison for deportees caught coming back.

Remarkably, the arrogant federal law breaking sanctuary city of San Francisco, Democrats and fake news media gave Kate Steinle’s family and the American people the finger. They rejected Kate’s Law. Thanks Bill, for trying to protect American lives by proposing Kate’s Law.

So long Bill. You kept it real, lookin’ out for us folks.