Report: Chinese President Urges ‘Restraint’ On North Korea During Call With Trump


Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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The president of China reportedly encouraged Donald Trump to “avoid actions that would increase tensions” when it comes to dealing with North Korea.

According to reports in Chinese media, Xi Jinping urged the president to exercise restraint when it comes to taking action in the Korean Peninsula during a phone call between the two leaders Sunday.

(Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

“[China] hopes that the relevant parties can maintain restraint and avoid actions that would increase tensions in the Korean Peninsula,” a statement from the foreign ministry reportedly said. “The only way to realise denuclearisation in the Korean Peninsula and quickly resolve North Korea’s nuclear problem is for each relevant party to fulfil its duties.” (RELATED: Pence Warns North Korea By Reminding Them What The US Did In Syria And Afghanistan)

A readout of the call provided by the White House said Trump addressed issues regarding North Korea with Jinping, but did not confirm the remark about restraint.

“President Trump criticized North Koreas continued belligerence and emphasized that Pyongyangs actions are destabilizing the Korean Peninsula,” the readout said. “The two leaders reaffirmed the urgency of the threat posed by North Koreas missile and nuclear programs, and committed to strengthen coordination in achieving the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

The White House also did not offer further comment on the call beyond the readout.

It was the second time the two leaders have spoken since Jinping visited the United States.