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YouTube Child-Abusers Say They’re Sorry

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The other day I told you about the DaddyOFive YouTube channel, in which a Maryland couple named Mike and Heather Martin played “pranks” on their five kids that often involved mental cruelty, humiliation, and even violence. The Martins seemed to think they could do anything they wanted to their children, as long as it was followed up with, “It was just a prank.”

The Martins have since taken down all those videos after a huge public backlash, and now the only thing on their channel is an apology. Or at least an attempt at one.

CBS Baltimore:

I want to believe that they’ve learned their lesson. But after watching more of their videos, archived here, I’m skeptical of their sincerity. These people are capable of astonishing cruelty. I don’t understand why any father would torment his own children until they scream and cry, just in hopes of getting clicks. I don’t understand why anyone would gaslight and lie to a little kid, even making him think he was being put up for adoption in one case, just to film his heartbroken reaction. These parents pitted their children against each other physically, and laughed at their pain. It’s just revolting.

I don’t believe the Martins are sorry about anything except being scolded by people with normal human emotions. They had a good thing going, the YouTube cash was coming in, and they resented “the haters” who threatened to bring it all to an end. Now they’re shedding crocodile tears because it’s their only recourse. They know they have to feign empathy, or else.

And YouTube let it all happen. Money is money, right?

I’m going to keep tabs on this story, but I hope it’s the last we hear of these people. Because it’ll mean they’re not abusing their children anymore. I hope.