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Ann Coulter Prepares To Address Fascists Who Call Themselves ‘Anti-Fascists’

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In 2017 America, “anti-fascists” have been using violence to stop “fascists” — i.e. people who say things they don’t like — from speaking. Are they going to get away with it when Ann Coulter shows up to speak in the “home of free speech”?

Susan Svrluga and William Wan, WaPo:

The University of California at Berkeley is bracing for massive protests and potential violence in an open, public space known as Sproul Plaza after hearing that conservative commentator Ann Coulter plans to give a speech there Thursday…

Sproul Plaza, site of the Free Speech Movement protests in the 1960s, would be both symbolic and logistically challenging for the university because anyone can be there…

“If somebody brings weapons, there’s no way to block off the site, or to screen them,” [UC-Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas] Dirks said, noting that officials realize that some of the demonstrators, such as those known as Black Bloc, understand how to penetrate the crowd and use it as a shield.

See, when some douchebag in a mask beats you up for saying things he doesn’t like, and he gets away with it, that’s somehow considered anti-fascism. It’s weird how much it resembles the other thing, right?

You don’t have to like the things Ann Coulter says. I sure don’t like a lot of the things Ann Coulter says. But she has the right to speak freely. If you use violence against her and her audience when they assemble peacefully in a public place, you’re the fascist.

Of course, this is obvious to anybody with a lick of sense, which is why we don’t participate in Black Bloc protests. We just sit back and watch as the left gives Americans more and more reasons to reelect Trump. Bad idea, guys. But if you won’t listen…