Op-Ed: If Someone Calls You A Snowflake, That Means They’re A Nazi

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An op-ed on how to respond to the term “snowflake” tells readers to react by calling the other person a Nazi, according to Tuesday reports.

A Bustle article, “How to Respond When Someone Calls You a Snowflake,” gives readers seven potential responses when a conservative calls them a “snowflake.” One response tells readers to compare the person to a Nazi by referring to a rumor that Nazis used the term “snowflake” during the Holocaust.

“There’s a rumor going around that is persistent and horrific in equal measure which claims the term “snowflake” dates back to World War II Germany, where Nazi soldiers used it to refer to the remains of people incinerated in concentration camps,” author Julie Sprankles writes.

Sprankles admits that the rumor has been proven false as Snopes found no evidence that Nazis ever used the term. She brushes that fact aside, saying the implication alone should stop people from using the term “snowflake.”

“However, if there’s even a remote possibility this is true and someone still doesn’t find it to be a revolting slur, it says a lot about that person. It’s like a litmus test for human decency,” Sprankles claims.

The op-ed also contains other advice for when “Trumpeteers” or a “staunch Republican” uses “snowflake” as an insult. Sprankles suggests responding with “Why yes, I am beautiful and unique” or refusing to engage in a conversation with the person at all.

“The reality remains the same — snowflakes are beautiful and unique. It is a term that, despite any nefarious efforts, still manages to evoke beauty. To me, being called a snowflake is tantamount to being told I’m an awe-inspiring human being,” Sprankles writes.

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