This One-Day-Only Deal Offers Discount On Cordless Hand Vacuums

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I don’t like writing the word “vacuums.” The former Latin student in me insists that the plural should be “vacua,” since it looks like a second declension neuter word. That’s why the plural of “forum” is “fora” and the plural of “aquarium” is “aquaria.” But I don’t think it’s that simple, since “vacuum” is really just an adjective in the phrase “vacuum cleaner.” For that reason, I often stick to “vacuum cleaners” when describing multiple of the picker-uppers. The only problem in this case is that “hand vacuum cleaners” sounds bizarre.

That was all a long lead-in to tell you that Amazon has a one-day-only deal on Black+Decker hand vacuums.

Normally $30, this hand vacuum is 33 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $30, this hand vacuum is 33 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Black+Decker HNV220BCZ01FF Compact Lithium Hand Vacuum 2Ah Kit, Tech Gray, Cordless

In 2017, cordless is definitely the way to go. I’ll leave the color up to you. This is available not just in “tech gray” (as pictured above) but also in chili red, cobalt blue, deep aqua, icy blue and powder white.

This looks black but is actually 'tech gray' (Photo via Amazon)

This looks black but is actually ‘tech gray’ (Photo via Amazon)

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