SHOCK POLL: Nearly Two-Thirds Of Arizona Voters Think Trump’s Border Wall Is Unnecessary

Mexico border wall Getty Images/John Moore

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A poll released Thursday suggests that registered voters in Arizona largely reject President Donald Trump’s plan to construct a large wall along the border separating the United States and Mexico.

According to the poll, 62 percent of Arizona’s voters do not believe a border wall is necessary. Only 37 percent say a wall is needed. (One percent is undecided.)

Among Republican voters in the state, the poll finds, 67 percent deem the border wall necessary and 32 percent deem the wall unnecessary — almost a mirror image of the overall results.

In very large numbers, Democrats and independent voters who responded to the poll think a wall separating the United States and Mexico is unnecessary.

Among Democrats, 86 percent don’t think a border wall is necessary, according to the poll. Just 14 percent think it is necessary.

Among independent voters, 70 percent believe a border wall is not necessary while 28 percent believe a wall is needed.

Donald Trump visits the border between the United States and Mexico. Reuters/Rick Wilking

Donald Trump visits the border between the United States and Mexico. Reuters/Rick Wilking

OH Predictive Insights, a subsidiary of Phoenix-based Owens Harkey Advertising, produced the poll for KTAR, news-and-talk radio station in the Phoenix area.

“The numbers were frankly shocking,” OH Predictive Insights chief pollster Mike Noble said in a statement sent to The Daily Caller. “When you have one-third of Republicans, 70 percent of independents and almost all Democrats thinking a wall is not necessary, that should raise a red flag.”

The poll, conducted on May 1 and released May 4, is based on a combination of automated phone calls and live calls to 401 likely Republican, Democrat and independent or undeclared voters. About 35 percent of the calls were mobile phone calls. The remainder were landline calls.

The composition of the 401 survey recipients reflects the demographics of Arizona’s registered voters, according to OH Predictive Insights.

The length of the border separating Arizona and Mexico runs for nearly 400 miles.

During the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, FiveThirtyEight’s celebrity pollster Nate Silver gave OH Predictive Insights a C+ rating.

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