UV Flashlights AKA Blacklights Are Essential For Keeping A Clean Home

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When thinking about home necessities, a blacklight isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. And if you want your house to be dirty, then it is not a necessity at all. But if you want to ensure your abode is as clean as you possibly can, you absolutely need a blacklight. Specifically, you would be smart to get one of these blacklights, which somehow are priced at $10 (the 51 LED version) and $19 (the 100 LED version).

UV flashlights – or blacklights – allow you to detect unclean areas in your house that are not visible to the naked eye. Pet urine is the consummate example, but not the only one. Here is one of the customer reviews, by MTCubed66 who gave the 51 LED light a perfect 5 out of 5 stars:

This shows every disgusting thing on my carpets, walls, toilet, etc. I was so grossed out. I need to do some heavy duty cleaning and replace some carpet. Afraid to go near the toilet, making him clean it and the walls all around it. Good light, shows up some in daylight, but best to look when it’s darker outside and inside the house. Must have used it for about an hour, no dimming, works perfectly. Batteries easy to load.

This is nowhere near the only positive review. Over 100 customers have reviewed these, and 81 percent of them gave it a perfect score. The light is made by Lighting EVER, who makes the tactical flashlights we got you an exclusive discount on. So you know it’s a brand you can trust.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

LE LED UV Flashlight, 100 LED — $18.99


Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

LE LED UV Flashlight, 51 LEDs — $9.99

Cleanup isn’t the only application for a UV flashlight. These are a great detection tool for security control, rodent contamination, not to mention spotting scorpions when camping. And they are a must-have for law enforcement, who can use them to authenticate currency or IDs or any other item that very well might be forged. The description also notes that it is good for inspecting your hotel room. Honestly, I think I’d better not know.

I’ll end with this 5-star review by taramare, which I found quite humorous:

It works! Now we know that the teenager cleans the inside of the toilet before the outside, with the same sponge, so…there’s THAT. Oh. And he doesn’t rinse the sponge while “cleaning” either. Fun. It definitely helps to figure out where the dog pee smell is coming from on the porch…seriously, go OUTside, it’s right there. O. M. G.

That review is appropriately titled “Eew.” Seriously, that is gross. But it’s good they know.

This is very useful for camping (Photo via Amazon)

This is very useful for camping (Photo via Amazon)

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