Here’s What Happens When CNN Interviews A White Nationalist [VIDEO]

Mike Raust Video Editor
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“First of all, I completely reject the term ‘white supremacist’. I simply want the opportunity for my people, people of European origin, to be left alone, so that we can pursue our own destiny.”

With this statement, preeminent white nationalist Jared Taylor set the stage for CNN’s interview with him, which aired Monday. (RELATED: The ‘Intellectual Godfather’ Of The Alt Right Talks To The Daily Caller)

CNN reporter Sara Sidner, who herself is black, got straight to the point and asked him the biggest question on everyone’s minds. “Are you racist?”

Taylor rejected this label, too. “I’m not a racist. Whatever ‘racist’ means, it is a pejorative term that means whatever you think is somehow immoral or wrong. I reject that completely.”

Sidner wasn’t having it. “Well, I think it’s wrong that you think someone like me is less intelligent, just by my very nature of being black or brown.”

“Oh, come on. You are an individual,” Taylor replied. “You may be smarter than most white people on earth.”

“I know, but overall you’re saying that my race is less intelligent than yours,” Sidner countered.

“And my race is less intelligent than Asians,” conceded Taylor, while implicitly acknowledging he believed blacks are less intelligent than whites. “Is that a hateful thing to say? It’s where the science leads me, and I have to follow the data. I have no choice.”

“It’s junk science,” Sidner replied. “It’s just not believable.”

The interview cut out before he could present his case against that point.

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