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Let’s Remember The Real Victims Of The Manchester Bombing: Muslims

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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Here’s the pattern, nine times out of ten:

  1. A bunch of innocent people are horribly murdered
  2. We’re warned not to assume it’s Islamic terrorism
  3. It’s Islamic terrorism
  4. #MuslimsFearBacklash

We’re now in stage 4. Conor Gaffey, Newsweek the magazine that Sidney Harman bought for $1:

Many of the city’s nearly quarter-million Muslims dread the seemingly inevitable backlash against their community. Mohamed Abdul Malek, an imam and trustee of the MYF [Muslim Youth Foundation], says the aftermath of such attacks is a time marked by fear. “I think with past experience, that fear is there in our [community], especially among women,” says Malek, 61, shuffling in his leather chair in a back room in the MYF’s office.

“But I pray and tell those who want to take revenge against Muslims that Muslims are equally victims of this act. Muslim youngsters were in the concert. The taxi drivers who helped take youngsters to their homes—some of them would be Muslims. People in the city center are Muslims. We are part of this community, and what hurts the community hurts us,” he adds.

Unless he’s picking shrapnel from a nail bomb out of his face, then no, he’s not the real victim here. Nonetheless, the backlash against him is “seemingly inevitable.” It’s always right around the corner, isn’t it?

This happens every time. Somehow, before the bodies have even cooled, the media turns Muslims everywhere into the real victims of an Islamic terrorist attack. I’ll never understand the impulse to turn away from a pile of broken and bleeding corpses to assign victimhood to people who get dirty looks on the train.

So now, if the pattern holds, in the next few weeks we’ll see stories about Islamophobic hate crimes. And if the pattern holds, they’ll be exposed as hoaxes intended to “raise awareness.” Then everybody will shrug and go back to jabbering about Trump or Twin Peaks or whatever, until the next time this happens. And it will.

Why not learn from it? Why not break out of this idiotic pattern?

(Hat tip: @neontaster)