SHOCK POLL: 36 Percent Of America’s College Students Say Safe Spaces Are ‘Absolutely Necessary’

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Well over one-third of America’s adult college students believe that campus “safe spaces” are “absolutely necessary” to assist grown adults who are psychologically traumatized by hearing opinions with which they disagree.

The data comes from a recent poll of 1,659 students currently attending U.S. colleges and universities conducted by LendEDU, a student loan marketplace website.

According to the poll, 36 percent of American college students agree with the proposition that “safe spaces” are “absolutely necessary” on campus.

Just slightly more students — 37 percent — oppose “safe spaces,” agreeing instead that such environments “are completely out of touch from reality.”

The rest of the students — roughly 25 percent — said they are “indifferent” to the concept of “safe spaces.”

The poll, conducted from May 5 to May 11, is based on answers — just the three of them — to the question: “Do you agree with college campuses establishing safe spaces?”

LendEDU estimates that the poll’s margin of error is two percent.

The concept of “safe spaces” — places where adults can go to ensure that nobody will hurt their feelings — has been a source of contention and ridicule on campuses across the country in recent months. (RELATED: Notre Dame Grads: Pence Made People Feel ‘Unsafe’)

In November, for example, the ladies of the student government at Barnard College decided to respond to Donald Trump’s presidential election victory with a “safe space” event featuring hot chocolate and “feminist coloring pages.” A single year of tuition, fees and room and board at Barnard currently costs $65,992. That’s over $10,000 more than the median annual household income in the United States. (RELATED: Ladies At $65,992-Per-Year College Mourn Trump Win With Safe Space)

Also in November, the $54,684-per-year University of Michigan Law School scheduled a post-presidential election event entitled “Post-election Self-care with Food and Play” for grown students at one of America’s most prestigious legal training grounds. (RELATED: University Of Michigan Law School Tries To Scrub Trump Trauma Play-Doh Event From Website)

In July, $60,304 per year Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio provided a “safe space” for students who were upset about the Republican National Convention. The fancypants private school is located just over 4 miles from Quicken Loans Arena, where the GOP convention occurred. (RELATED: Fancypants College In Cleveland Offers SAFE SPACE For Students Traumatized By Republican Convention)

The Daily Caller paid a visit to the Case Western “safe space.” It was only open for only 6 hours each day. During these hours, the “safe space” featured coffee, colored markers, colored pencils and underwhelming selection of candy. There were three coloring books including one titled “Being Gay Is Okay,” which is apparently intended to teach children about homosexuality. The Case Western “safe space” was managed by a moderately heavyset woman with a face covered in several piercings and a shock of dyed, deep red hair. (RELATED: Literally No One Visited Hilariously Lame RNC ‘Safe Space’)

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