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The Guy Who Killed Bin Laden Now Wants To Fight Keith Olbermann

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Robert O’Neill — AKA the man who shot Bin Laden and let Obama take all the credit — was on the new Fox News show The Specialists yesterday, and he kinda-sorta justified Greg Gianforte’s physical assault on a “snowflake reporter.” While insisting he was “not condoning the body slam,” O’Neill recounted his own problems with reporters hounding him and his family after his role in taking down Bin Laden was revealed. And as he noted, “We have a saying up there [in Montana]: ‘You mess around, you mess around, you might not be around.'”

Well, 2005’s favorite liberal pundit didn’t like that one bit:

And then the $#!+ was, as they say, on.

Now, I’ve made my opposition to political violence very clear. Robert O’Neill may have been the last guy Osama Bin Laden ever saw, but that doesn’t give him the right to walk up to Keith Olbermann and punch him for mouthing off.


What about an MMA match for the charity of Keith’s choice? Why not show this ex-Navy SEAL, who killed the architect of 9/11, who’s boss? It would be a great way to drum up some publicity for Keith’s little podcast, and it would help needy orphans or abandoned animals or cancer patients or whoever. I know I would pay any reasonable ticket price for such an event.

I can just see the fight poster now: THE OPERATOR VS. THE ORATOR

C’mon, Keith. What have you got to lose? Besides a few teeth.

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Update: Keith has backed down and is now picking on guys who are smaller than him.

Keith Olbermann: Master of Unintentional Irony.