New Poll Shows Staunch Support For Police


George Congdon Contributor
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In recent years, the media and political activist groups like Black Lives Matter have created a narrative that Americans disdain the police. However, recent data suggests these sentiments are not shared by most of the country.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports telephone and online survey, 70 percent of American adults stated that law enforcement in their area fulfill their duties at a “good” or “excellent” level.

Just 5 percent believe that police perform at a “poor” level. These numbers are nearly equivalent to an identical Rasmussen poll in 2016.

In fact, public support for police has increased 3 percent since 2014. This metric may be surprising to some considering the onslaught of negative media coverage police have received since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in late 2013.

The newest polling data further supports the notion that the American public recognizes and affirms the role of police. Rasmussen surveyed 1,000 American adults, with a sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.