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Bath Time: Speaker Ryan is ‘Smarmy,’ Megyn Kelly’s Name is Mud And Racism Is All The Rage

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Speaker Paul Ryan is “smarmy” — Kurt Schlichter debuts a new column for Town Hall Monday, and it doesn’t bode well for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.).  Schlichter, a trial attorney in LA, says the GOP is “sailing toward disaster” in 2018. “Our enemy is motivated and smells blood,” he writes. Schlichter predicts a loss for Republicans in the House and Senate if the party doesn’t get its shit together. The writer goes hard on Ryan, comparing him to James Comey and calling him “smarmy” and “sanctimonious” and even “obnoxious.” Among his big points of contention is that Congress ought to stop being so lazy and should stay in Washington for the August recess. No time off. Do their jobs. Read here.

Racism hits a new low — Or a new high, depending on how you want to analyze this. According to a story in Daily Mail, the entire internet is racist. “It’s easy to imagine that the internet’s very structure – the social environments it produces and the new economies it births – might not be racially segregated the way the physical world is. And yet the internet does appear in fact segregated along racial lines.” The story says a researcher from New York University found that “users go out of their way to visit non-racial sites.” Read here.

Megyn Kelly in the mud over Alex Jones interviewMegyn Kelly and NBC are catching a lot of flak for an upcoming interview with Infowars host Alex Jones, who says, among other things, that the Sandy Hook killings were a hoax. A lot of it is social media ranters who are insisting on a boycott of advertisers. How much of an impact the online noise will have is hard to say. Read here.