MSNBC Prematurely Cuts From Scalise Health Update [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC cut from a health update on House Majority Whip Steve Scalise before its conclusion so they could air a commercial break and talk about President Trump’s potential obstruction of justice.

Dr. Sava, the head of trauma at Medstar Washington, took the podium at approximately 3:22 pm to discuss Scalise’s condition following Wednesday’s shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice.

It was revealed that Scalise was still in critical condition, but was faring better than when he first entered the hospital.

However, MSNBC decided to cut from the news conference early. Their coverage ceased at 3:27 pm, even though the full conference ran until 3:35 pm.

“He’s going to need other surgeries but they feel that they’ve got the hemorrhage under control and possibly the infection under control,” Ali Velshi said, talking over Dr. Sava. “We’re gonna take a break, when we come back we’re gonna talk about President Trump tweeting that he’s under FBI investigation for his firing of FBI Director Jim Comey and then he goes the extra mile to accuse Rod Rosenstein…of leading the Justice Department’s witch hunt.”

“Also, Vice President Mike Pence has hired a lawyer to represent him in the Russia investigation,” Velshi continued.


CNN and Fox News both carried the news conference on Scalise’s health to its conclusion at 3:35 pm. Viewers who watched the MSNBC broadcast would miss important updates, including the revelation that Scalise was facing “imminent threat of death” when he was first admitted into the hospital.


MSNBC even returned from its commercial break before the conclusion of the news conference, but never returned to cover it on their broadcast.

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