The Left Speeds Headlong Into The Impeachment Abyss

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Rick Hayes Freelance Writer

Who believes that the cries for impeachment emanating from the left stems from their great concern for the country and the Republic?  Like a child looking for as many excuses as they can think of for not going to school, the leftist Democrat party has demanded numerous investigations of President Trump in the hope of getting him out of office.

Limited only by their deviant minds, the left has charged Trump with every conceivable act, ranging from sex scandals to treason.  And their complicit propaganda machine known as the media is more than willing to blow every story up while adding a few anonymous sources to the mix. As each outrageous accusation disintegrates and falls apart like some rusted ship at the bottom of the ocean, there always seems to be a new “bombshell” emerging to take its place.

Up until November 2016, the continuously peaceful transition of power within the election process of the United States has remained one of the most stabilizing factors ever seen in the history of government.

The United States has always identified itself as a Republic where the power was vested with the citizens who voiced their opinions by use of their vote. Americans trusted the process and win, lose or draw, believed they had a real voice.

It’s true that in recent years The United States has resembled more of an aristocracy than a republic. When one thinks of the over three hundred million Americans making up the most talented melting pot of brilliant minds the world has ever seen, only to witness a small group of well-funded insiders bid for the most powerful position on earth.

The Great Depression wasn’t great or depressing enough to tear the country apart. Segregation wasn’t divisive enough to split the country apart, and the Civil War wasn’t destructive enough to crush the American spirit.

However, with the seemingly endless parade of false allegations and bogus investigations involving the new President, there is a real possibility of something happening that could be more devastating and destructive to the Republic than anything that has previously taken place in the past fifty years.  All human beings can reach a tipping point where they realize that the deck is so stacked against them that no progress is possible.  If Trump ever reaches that precipice, it would not be a result of the unrelenting efforts by the left to maliciously slander, mock, and defame him or his family or the fact that many in the Republican Party abandoned him.  As a person of action, it would be because real progress in getting America back to her former greatness was impeded to the point of perpetual stagnation.

A statement by Trump admitting that no progress can be achieved because of the corrupt climate in Washington, or a resignation speech, would catapult this great nation into real civil unrest. And any reasonable American would know that it was a direct result of a silent coup consisting of leftist Democrats, immoral Republicans more concerned with their wallets than the country and a far-left media all committed to the continuation of the wealthy Washington establishment.

No doubt, the left would claim victory, as their wishes for a “Trumpless” White House would have come true, but they should be careful what they wish for.  Millions of law-abiding Americans witnessed eight long years of the tearing apart of the United States Constitution and waited patiently for their chance to vote for changes.   Then after a historical and unprecedented Trump victory, these Americans watched their votes and hopes tossed into the riotous flames set by the left and realized that their choice was never going to be allowed to serve the country.  It would spell the end of that most stabilizing factor — the election process.

Let’s be clear, the stagnation of the Trump Presidency is not merely the doings of the corrupt liberal media along with radical members from the left. It is also the Republican core motivated by greed and the retaining of power.  These corrupt elements make up what Trump called “The Swamp” and the “Rigged System,” and they have shown these past few months that they will not tolerate an outsider in the White House.