Bloomberg On Ossoff Loss: Shows Money ‘Can’t Buy An Election’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter

Michael Bloomberg said Democrat Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s special election might prove that money “can’t buy an election.”

“Maybe it shows that all the money in the world can’t buy an election,” the former Mayor of New York told the ladies on The View Wednesday in response to Ossoff’s loss after millions of dollars were poured into his campaign from Hollywood. (RELATED: Fight Breaks Out On ‘The View’ Over Why Hillary Lost)


“We focus on money,” he added. “Why? Because there’s a lot of people who make money, the advertisers, the stations…news stations, television stations, whatever. But the public is a lot smarter than people give them credit for. And they look and they see and they decide.”

“And [President] Donald Trump showed you can get elected president of the United States without spending a lot of money,” he continued. “He got a lot of free advertising because he said things that the newspapers and television stations thought the public wanted to hear.”

“The press is very democratic,” Bloomberg explained.

Earlier in the show, the New York mayor said while he didn’t vote for Trump he thinks everyone should hope that he will be a “good president.”

“Let’s just all hope that Donald Trump will be a good president of the United States, ” Bloomberg said. “He’s our president and we need this country to be run well. I didn’t vote for him.”

“In the end we are a democracy,” he continued. “The public has spoken whether you like the results or not. And other than a little help from the Russians, he was elected.”


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