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Daily Vaper: Hcigar VT75 Review

YouTube screenshot/Jai Haze

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Hcigar’s VT75 mod has the DNA75 chipset. In the past we reviewed the VT250 from Hcigar with a DNA250 chipset. As far as the Vt75 goes, it has up to 75 watts of output potential. With an 18650 battery tube, the device can use either a 26650 or an 18650 battery. It is a durable mod because of its zinc alloy and aluminum alloy material, and has a ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable to use. The menu screen is an OLED style menu and reads in different color options.

The reviewer gives the VT75 mod a very good review. He states, “This is the first DNA75 made by any company. An American company that made the Evolv 75 with a single battery. Just an amazing piece of craftsmanship even if it’s made in China. Very happy with the outcome of this device and how well it was put together. Always good to see quality devices especially for those that don’t have a lot of money to spend on a device.” So we learn here that this is the first DNA75 mod that came out onto the market. Vapers familiar with Evolv’s DNA computer chip are aware that it is probably the most popular and one of the most efficient chips available. Adding to the computer chip that functions the VT75, the design and feel of the mod make it a very desirable device to own. He rates this mod a 9/10. There are so many good qualities to this mod, he said. All the reviews I have found on YouTube have been positive reviews as well, in regards to Hcigar’s VT75. It comes highly recommended.

Original Hcigar VT75 Box Mod with 1, 75W on sale for $110

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