Scarborough: The Press Got Trump All Wrong For 18 Months [VIDEO]

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“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said Thursday the media was wrong on almost everything related to President Donald Trump since he began his run for president.

“The press had their heads buried in the sand for 15, 16 months,” Scarborough said before expanding that timeframe to 18 months.

Scarborough said Trump supporters have no reason to trust the media because of how many times they got it wrong. “If you’re a Trump supporter you’d be like, well they were wrong during the entire campaign. Why would I start believing them now.” His co-host Mika Brzezinski replied, “all of that is true.”

New York Times contributor and panelist Bret Stephens tried to defend the mainstream media, saying journalists only had to be wrong once to incite heavy scrutiny from the White House. Scarborough interrupted him to say, “but we were wrong for 18 months though. You understand that. The media was wrong for 18 months.”

“We were mistaken, we weren’t lying,” replied Stephens. Scarborough wouldn’t accept Stephens’ point, calling the media “willfully mistaken” and claiming there was a “bubble” and a “cultural divide” that journalists refused to look at which caused them to let their biases trump the facts.

“People stayed in their bubble,” said Scarborough. “Nobody cared to even go to Scranton. If they had spent a week there they would have said, Trump’s going to win this.”

Scarborough switched gears, however, from chastising the media to saying how dangerous it is to call out the press.

“Nobody’s saying what Donald Trump’s doing now is right,” said Scarborough. “In fact we think it’s extraordinarily dangerous. Called the media enemy of the people. It’s Stalinist.”

Scarborough managed to flip flopped once more though saying the American people had good reason to distrust the media.

“But at the same time if you look in middle America he has a more willing audience, a more receptive audience because the media got it wrong for the entire 18 months of his campaign.”

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