Someone Put A Bounty On This Woman’s Head For Peeing On The American Flag

American flag Getty Images/Al Messerschmidt

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A Philadelphia woman posted a video on social media on the Fourth of July in which she can be seen urinating on the American Flag and pissed off a lot of Americans in the process.

In the video, the young woman, who has been identified as Emily Lance, stands over a toilet draped with an American flag and proceeds to urinate on it using a device that helps women to pee while standing up.

“F**k your nationalism. F**k your country. F**k your stupid f**king flag,” she captioned the post.

As you would expect, the disrespectful and disgusting act angered those who came saw it resulting in death and rape threats against the woman. The video even led an angered viewer to post a bounty on craigslist of $3,000 for her head, according to Terez Owens.

Lane posted the video on July 4, but that hasn’t stopped Facebook and Twitter users from voicing their fury and disgust with her actions on social media.

Due to the graphic and more so disrespectful nature of the video, we refuse to post it here but it can still be seen on a Facebook page under her name.