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Dan Rather Still Babbling, ‘Journalists’ Still Lapping It Up

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When your grandpa starts yammering on Facebook, you just ignore it because it’s Grandpa. But when the crazy old man yammering on Facebook is also the guy who tried and failed to swing the 2004 presidential election with phony documents, it’s news, or whatever passes for news in 2017.

Ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Daniel Irvin Rather Jr.

The questions are obvious. The answers are wanting. We the American people deserve to know what in God’s name is happening. Our legal system demands a presumption of innocence until the evidence proves otherwise. But the evidence is piling up.

I have been around a long time. I like to think I have seen a lot. But the revelations of the emails that set up the meeting between Donald Trump. Jr. – and let us not forget both Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner – with an agent of the Russian government is unlike anything I could even have imagined. There is still a lot that we do not know. But only a hypocrite, a cynic or a fool could argue that this development can be innocuously explained.

it is like a carnival mirror is being held up to American democracy, distorting everything we thought we knew into grotesque new shapes. We need a reality check. This is decision time, especially for our elected officials. Which side of history will you be on?

Well, Dan, I’ll be on the side of history that never thought “Lucy Ramirez” was a real person. I’ll be on the side of history that saw this and realized what it meant:

I’ll be on the side of history that’s still glad you were fired for your incompetence and dishonesty, Dan Rather.

But what about the other side? Dan’s little rant was a big hit among the #Resistance:

Source: Reliable!

They bristle at being called “fake news,” and then they kowtow to the guy who brought us “fake but accurate.”

Look, to the extent that I can bring myself to care about all this Russia stuff, there does seem to be something there. It’s not a “nothingburger.” If not illegal, it’s at least sleazy and unethical. It doesn’t do anything to make me trust this administration. It doesn’t do anything to make me regret not voting for Donald Trump.

But it’s not treason, either. Hyperventilating about this stuff 24/7 just reinforces Trump voters’ belief that the media is full of crap.

If everybody doesn’t calm the hell down, it’s just going to strengthen Trump even more. And that’s coming from somebody who didn’t calm down and helped make Trump stronger.

If you’re so far out on a limb that you think Dan Rather is going to save you…


(Hat tip: Twitchy)