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Left On The Cutting Room Floor: 50 Most Beautiful Dogs Of ’17

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We’re not IJR. We don’t believe that only a smattering of dogs from Capitol Hill best represent Washington, D.C’s canine population. Even our pups that don’t make the cut for the “50 Most Beautiful Dogs Of Washington” get a feature here at The Daily Caller.

The judging of the “50 Most Beautiful Dogs of Washington, D.C.” was heartwrenching. So hard that we felt it was necessary to showcase the pooches that didn’t quite make the cut.

For the record, I believe all dogs are beautiful (unlike their feline counterparts), just not all of those in our runnings were top-50-of-the-entire-city worthy. Not to worry though. They can still have their share of the limelight.

We present to you the sweet pups that didn’t quite make our main list, but are still total cuties in their own rite.

From Miniature Schnauzers to Golden Retrievers, the dogs left on the cutting board are full of personality and spunk. It’s also worth noting that all of their owners were true enthusiastic dog moms and dads just dying to share their canines with the digital world.

If you’re wondering how a dog owner could not be enthusiastic about their pet, check out some of our horror owners we met along the way in our “50 Most Beautiful Dogs” feature.











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