Calexit Group: We Don’t Want Middle Class To Leave

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Activists wanting California to secede from the union distanced themselves from a fellow organizer Wednesday who told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that the state’s middle class should reside elsewhere in the country so a “new wave of immigrants” could move in.

“In regard to the middle class leaving, that’s actually a good thing,” Singam said. “We need these spots opened up for the new wave of immigrants to come up. It’s what we do,” California Freedom Coalition’s Shankar Singam told Carlson Tuesday night. (RELATED: Calexit Leader: Replace Middle Class With Immigrants [VIDEO])

Yes California, a group organizing to get California to the U.S. tweeted Wednesday morning Singam does not represent their views.

However, according to CBS Los Angeles, Yes California’s relationship with Singam is vague, but the group tweeted a video out of him in December calling him a Calexit leader. That tweet, though, no longer exists.

“If you’re gonna invade us, go ahead and invade us,” Singam says in the video. “You can shoot us, the stronger of us are gonna stand behind our weak and our poor and you can kill us first before you slaughter the weak and the poor.”

The Daily Caller asked Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris Wednesday her thoughts on the Calexit movement and Harris responded, “Gotta love California. I mean, it’s something that’s come up in different ways over many years, and I think that it’s indicative of people just being frustrated and concerned about what’s happening at the national level.”

She added, “I don’t know where it ends up, but I can certainly understand the some of the sentiment behind it.”

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