15 Most Hated Media Personalities [SLIDESHOW]

(MSNBC: June 29, 2017)

George Congdon Contributor
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Here are the faces you see everyday on T.V. that Americans love to hate!

A hallmark of the Donald Trump presidency has been his war against the mainstream media, which he believes cover his administration with intense left wing bias. Some of the political pundits who have gotten the most backlash for their comments are listed in this slideshow.

Many have said outlandish things, while some are scrutinized for their vocal delivery or even physical appearance. Anyhow, it is no anomaly that public trust in the mainstream media is low in recent polls, and only going lower!

These people often do not attempt to speak the truth, but constantly go for better ratings. Sometimes, the nightly news seems more like a Hollywood film than an objective purveyor of factual information. In this slideshow, you will get an in-depth ranking of the media stars that are most hated by the American people! Enjoy.