Salvadoran Newspaper Tells Immigrants Which States Aren’t Safe To Live In Illegally


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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El Salvadoran newspaper La Prensa warned illegal immigrants in an article Tuesday not to go to the 18 states where police agencies are able to enforce immigration law.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has expanded the use of the 287(g) program under President Trump. The 60 agencies in 18 states that participate in the program assist in the arrest and removal of illegal immigrants.

La Prensa’s article read, “If you’re in the U.S. or know someone who is living in these conditions, this information will interest you.” (RELATED: Feds Increase Partnerships With Local Law Enforcement To Arrest Illegals)

The piece went on to list 18 Texas law enforcement agencies that recently signed 287(g) agreements and linked readers to a list of all the jurisdictions that are participating in the program. (RELATED: El Salvador Follows Mexico’s Lead And Gives Illegals Advice On How To Avoid Deportation)

Here is the list of places illegal immigrants have been told to avoid.