Keith Ellison: Gorsuch Is ‘Illegitimate’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

Democratic Representative Keith Ellison said Friday that he believes Neil Gorsuch is an “illegitimate” Supreme Court justice.

Speaking on a panel at Netroots Nation, a conference for progressives in Georgia, Ellison accused Republicans and Trump of assaulting the United States’ representative democracy and the independence of the judiciary.

“I said the other day that I thought that Neil Gorsuch was an illegitimate justice,” Ellison asserted. “I had a great progressive come up to me and say, ‘Oh don’t say that, that’s what they say.'”

“I said,’No, wait a minute. This guy escaped every rule that you’re supposed to go through to become a Supreme Court Justice.’ How is he legit? Do not repeat the other side’s talking point,” he finished.

Ellison, who currently serves as the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, has criticized Gorsuch in the past, calling his views “disturbing.”


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