Dem Rep: Trump Is ‘Racist’ And An ‘Abject Liar’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic representative Ruben Gallego called President Trump a racist an absurd number of times in one interview on Tuesday.

“I’ve said it very clear, the president is clearly racist,” Gallego said when asked what he believes Trump thinks about race. “Many people might not want to admit it but we’ve elected a president that’s racist.”

Host John Berman seemed taken aback by Gallego’s assertion, asking, “you do know that’s an explosive charge?”

“To call the President of the United States a racist is a big statement,” Berman said.

“Yeah, I kinda realize that and that’s why I’m saying it,” Gallego said, doubling down. “At some point if someone is acting the same way since the 1970s, particularly using racial animus for political gain, whatever gain, it is what it is.”

Gallego further said that Trump’s assertion that he is the “least racist person ever,” makes him an “abject liar.”

“I apologize to the American people but we elected a racist as president.”


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