College Veterinary Group Announces Opposition To Neo-Nazis, Transgender Discrimination And Racism

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The Association of American Veterinary Colleges has announced its opposition to both neo-Nazis and transgender discrimination in response to the white nationalist rally which occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend.

In a 485-word “Statement on Diversity and Inclusion” sent to The Daily Caller on Tuesday, the veterinary medicine organization says it seeks to “produce culturally competent veterinarians.”

It is committed to a “diverse” veterinary community and to “inclusive institutional climates.”

“We confront and reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination, including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, political beliefs, geographic, socioeconomic, and educational background or any other differences that have led to misunderstanding, hostility and injustice,” the academic veterinary group explains in the statement.

“Recent events remind us that bigotry and racism are present in our society,” the statement also says.

The “health and wellbeing of animals and humans will be best served” if veterinarians and the people who train them “embrace the differences as well as the commonalities that bring us together,” “affirm the right of freedom of expression of thought” and “promote open expression of our individuality and diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect,” the statement declares.

“We will continue to advocate for an open, inclusive veterinary profession where students from all backgrounds come to learn, grow, and achieve their dreams uninhibited by hate.”

The statement confidently affirms “education” and “professional growth.”

According to its broader vision statement, the Association of American Veterinary Colleges exists to promote “the health and welfare of animals” and to prepare a “high quality veterinary workforce.”

Last Saturday, a Nazi sympathizer allegedly plowed his grey Dodge Challenger through a large group of people on a pedestrian mall in Charlottesville, killing one woman and injuring 19 others.

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