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That Guy Who Claimed He Got Stabbed For His ‘Neo-Nazi’ Haircut Admits It Was A Hoax

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Political violence is wrong. Faking political violence is also wrong.

Last week I saw the story about the guy in Colorado who said he was stabbed for his “neo-Nazi” hairstyle. I believed him, because the definition of “Nazi” has been loosened up a lot lately by all these self-styled Nazi-hunters out there. But it turns out he was lying.

Kelly Jensen, KUSA in Denver:

Sheridan Police say the man who reported he was stabbed in a fast food restaurant’s parking lot due to his ‘Neo Nazi’ haircut made the whole thing up…

Joshua Witt, 26, called police on Aug. 16 from the Steak ‘n Shake at 3502 South River Point Parkway. He told officers he had been the victim of a stabbing…

Investigators reviewed surveillance video from the area where Witt said the attack occurred: it showed no suspect running from the scene.

What it did show, however, was Witt exiting a nearby sporting goods store after purchasing a small knife inside.

Witt now claims he cut himself accidentally. That doesn’t explain why he decided to make up the story about being attacked for his “neo-Nazi” haircut, which he also admits. He got a boo-boo and decided to martyr himself online?

Regardless, I’m glad he fessed up. You shouldn’t attack people because you think they’re “Nazis,” but you also shouldn’t make up fake attacks, for sympathy or for political reasons or for any other reason. It wastes the cops’ time, and it just makes everybody more skeptical the next time it happens to somebody for real.

The same goes for rape, by the way. Don’t make false claims of violent crimes, everybody. Wise up already.