MSNBC Ties DACA Debate To Hurricane Harvey [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | White House Correspondent

MSNBC managed to tie the debate on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, MSNBC spread some misleading information about DACA, with two of their hosts incorrectly claiming that recipients cannot have a criminal record. They followed up the false claims with a bizarre connection between DACA recipients and the damage caused by Harvey in Texas. (VIDEO: Stephanie Ruhle Incorrectly Claims DACA Recipients Can’t Have Criminal Record) 

“I’ve been talking to dreamers all morning and there’s a lot of frustration, resilience, but also fear around here,” MSNBC correspondent Mariana Atencio said reporting from Houston. “Fear of the unknown. For a community like Houston that has been battered by this storm, many of these dreamers were the ones driving their families to safety.”

“And now, as they await this decision [on DACA], there’s the fact that they lost their homes and many of them could also lose their family,” she continued. “It has created a lot of anxiety for many of them here.”


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