Gorka Criticizes Insidious ‘Deep State’ Influence At The White House [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy Reporter
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Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka appeared on a Judicial Watch panel Friday to reveal the extent of power held by unelected bureaucrats — a.k.a. the “deep state” — over the executive branch.

Gorka revealed that three of his picks for working under him at the White House were blocked by an “unnamed sister agency.”

Not only were his potential hires blocked, but Gorka claims the individuals were punished within their current government agency, given “menial tasks” and removed from their current duty rosters.

Gorka claimed the “Seventh Floor” of this agency, almost certainly referring to the State Department, sees President Trump as “the enemy.”

Gorka said that many of these bureaucrats believe they can ignore orders from the White House, as illustrated by the drastic increase in national security leaks under the Trump administration.

Gorka noted there were “125 national security leaks in the first 126 days of the administration. That’s practically one a day,” and nearly a sevenfold increase in leaks compared to previous administrations.

According to Gorka, the “deep state” is better identified as the “permanent state” due to its overt actions and long-term existence.

“Because it’s not necessarily something that is hidden or deep, it was in our faces. It was arrogant, it was right there,” he explained.


(Relevant portion begins at 1:09:40)