Bill Clinton’s New Novel With James Patterson Will Become A TV Series

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former president Bill Clinton’s new novel with James Patterson will be made into a TV series thanks to a deal with Showtime.

“The President Is Missing,” a thriller novel coauthored by Clinton and Patterson and set to be released in 2018, details the fictional mystery of a U.S. president’s disappearance. Showtime is now developing the book, which is Clinton’s first novel, into a drama TV series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Clinton and Patterson met with 16 different studios and networks to try and find the right person to create the show. While the book was initially expected to be turned into a feature film or a TV miniseries, Showtime is planning on making it an ongoing series.

“Bringing The President Is Missing to Showtime is a coup of the highest order,” Showtime president and CEO David Nevins said. “The pairing of President Clinton with fiction’s most gripping storyteller promises a kinetic experience, one that the book world has salivated over for months and that now will dovetail perfectly into a politically relevant, character-based action series for our network.”

“I’m really enjoying writing this book and working with Jim,” Clinton said in a statement. “And I can’t wait to see Showtime bring the characters to life.”

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