S.E. Cupp Hilariously Recreates Lawrence O’Donnell Leaked Tape [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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HLN host S.E. Cupp made her own version of the leaked Lawrence O’Donnell tape that will have viewers rolling on the floor laughing.


On her show Thursday night, Cupp addressed the leak of the O’Donnell video, which showed him yelling at producers to fix his earpiece and stop hammering noises from the floor above him.

“O’Donnell’s getting heat for blowing up at unseen staffers and he’s apologized and said he should have handled it differently,” Cupp said. “But I’m just as outraged that someone inside Lawrence’s show… leaked the video in the first place. Not cool. This is why it always pays to be nice to people who work with you and for you.”

“No one has a secret tape of me yelling at a cameraman or a producer — I don’t think,” Cupp asserted.

Then, one of Cupp’s coworkers appeared on set and said he did have a tape of Cupp freaking out. The following staged video shows Cupp yelling ridiculous obscenities at staffers.

“Hey! Hey! Where’s my fucking falafel?” Cupp yells in the “backstage” footage. “This script is shit!”

Cupp’s joke tape will be sure to give you a good chuckle.


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