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Anthony Weiner To Be Sentenced Today (Update: 21 Months)

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First he took down his pants. Then he took down Hillary Clinton. Today we find out how much time Anthony Weiner will spend in jail for messing around with a little girl.

NY1 News:

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is set to be sentenced Monday for sexting with an underage girl.

The disgraced politician pleaded guilty back in May to sending inappropriate messages to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina…

Weiner’s defense team says the 53-year-old has a “deep sickness” and that he should avoid jail time.

Well, they’re half-right. Lock him up!

Whenever I see the latest news about this creep, it makes me miss Andrew Breitbart even more. He broke the story and he didn’t back down, even when the entire mainstream media rained hellfire on him. Andrew told the truth, no matter what. He didn’t care what anybody thought of him, because he knew the facts were on his side. He knew history would vindicate him. And now it has.

We could use more people like that right now.

Hillary Clinton is currently on her book tour. Has anybody asked her about Weiner? Has anybody asked her about the guy who ended her political career? She rose to power by staying with a man who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, and now it’s all over because of… a man who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

What Happened indeed.

Update: Sounds like he’s all out of defiant wisecracks for the press.

Update: This is the first time he hasn’t wished something was longer.

Update: “Is the @CarlosDanger Twitter handle available now?”