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Valerie Plame Is Sorry About All That Anti-Semitic Stuff, Everybody

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Last week, everybody finally noticed that Valerie Plame has spent years saying nutty stuff about the Jews. But did you know that she didn’t really mean it? That’s what she’s saying now. And what reason does she have to lie?

Take it away, Val:

(NOTE: She did endorse them.)

OUT: “Don’t judge me until you read the link.”
IN: “Don’t judge me, I didn’t read the link.”

In the future, I’m sure Ms. Plame will be much more subtle and nuanced about her anti-Semitism. Or not. Either way, her friends will give her a pass. It’s not as if she’s a Republican.

I didn’t believe her in 2003, and I don’t believe her now. If you believed her either time… why?