Acosta Fact Checks Trump On Number Of MAGA Hats [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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CNN’s Jim Acosta had another classic Acosta moment on Wednesday, seriously fact-checking President Donald Trump on how many MAGA hats were present in the audience for his tax reform speech.

Shortly after Trump’s speech, CNN cut to Acosta, who had a lot of hot takes to share with viewers.

First, he asserted that we can’t be sure whether or not tax reform will benefit Trump because he still hasn’t released his tax returns.

“We simply don’t know whether or not that’s true because the president, as you know, as well know, refuses to release his tax returns,” Acosta declared, bringing up an old complaint from the 2016 campaign.

But that wasn’t the only Trump claim he took issue with.

“Just to add to that, there was one point during this event where the president said, ‘well, as I look out at this crowd I see a lot of red hats,'” Acosta whined.  I only counted three.”

“So like it is when you’re doing your TV appearances listening to the president today, certainly could use some careful accounting,” Acosta concluded.


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