Why Can’t We Talk About Muslim Supremacism?

James Merse Freelance Writer
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With Islamist terror attacks becoming commonplace in Europe and authorities across the continent doing very little to prevent them, it’s clear that the Trump administration’s tough approach to handling the threat of Islamist terror attacks is necessary.

It’s time Americans call these terror attacks what they really are — actions in support of an ideology that holds Islam and sharia above all else. In other words Muslim supremacy.

The mainstream media is currently on a mission to paint anyone on the right as a white supremacist. Most recently, popular comedian Chelsea Handler has even gone so far as to label Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and actress Stacey Dash as “black white supremacists.”

The left and media are celebrating Handler’s disrespectful and downright bizarre label she cast on people of color who have nothing do with white supremacy at all, yet myself and other conservative writers and activists catch heat when we are critical of Islamist culture.

Why is it acceptable to throw the “white supremacist” label around but it is unacceptable to discuss issues related to Muslim supremacy and Islamist ideologies?

A few days ago, disturbing evidence of Muslim supremacy in the U.S. came out of the Alton Nolen trial in Oklahoma. Nolen is facing the death penalty for the 2014 beheading of his female co-worker at Vaughan Foods, after an argument over Nolen’s hatred of white people turned deadly.

Recent reports note that Nolen felt “oppressed” as a Muslim, and when police asked if he regretted what he had done, he said, “I don’t feel regret, because you know what I’ve done. That’s probably going to make Vaughan Foods a better place to work for a Muslim.”

The 54-year-old victim, Colleen Hufford, was silenced forever; not only did she lose her life, but her First Amendment right was stolen from her by a Muslim supremacist.

Muslim supremacy is not acceptable, and must be held to the same standard as white supremacy, black supremacy and any other supremacy.

I got in touch with author, columnist, and editor of The Geller Report, Pamela Geller, who is also the president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (ADFI) for her thoughts on Muslim supremacy.

“Supremacy is supremacy,” Geller noted. “Whatever group is striving for supremacy, the end result is the same: a protected class with special privileges that others don’t enjoy. This is quintessentially anti-American.”

Some may struggle with the idea of comparing a racial issue to an issue of religious ideologies, but as Geller notes, supremacy is supremacy and in a just United States, there is no difference between any forms of supremacy — we are all equals.

It’s important not to confuse calling out the existence of Muslim supremacy with putting down Muslims. There are millions of Muslims around the globe that do not subscribe to Islamist ideologies.

That does not diminish the threat Muslim supremacy and Islamist ideologies pose, especially in the U.K. and across Europe; both have seen  massive influx of Islamic immigration. Pew Research found the Islamic population in Europe grew at 1 percentage point each decade, and projects that by 2030 Muslims will make up 8 percent of Europe’s total population.

Earlier this year, U.K. intelligence sources identified 23,000 active jihadists in the country, so Justin Haskins and TheBlaze extrapolated that this is about .77 percent of the overall British Muslim population.

They then applied that same percentage to other Western nations finding there very well could be 36,200 jihadists in France, 36,600 in Germany and 25,400 in the U.S.

Throw in data from a 2016 ICM poll that found there could be about two million British Muslims that would not tell authorities of an Islamist terrorist if they knew of one.

Using Haskins’ .77 percent figure and extrapolating based on Pew estimates of the overall Muslim population in the United States, it’s feasible that 2.2 million American Muslims also would not alert police if they knew someone was an active jihadist. That’s a potential 2.2 million Muslim supremacists quietly advancing Islamist goals.

It is important to note that the U.S. has   pronounced differences between  the U.K. and Europe, including far stricter immigration and travel standards which do work in our favor when it comes preventing Islamists from slipping through our borders unchecked.

A stark difference between the U.S. and U.K. is the troubling reality that criticizing Islam online in the U.K. results in hate crime investigations, fines, and even arrests.

Notably, shortly after the Manchester bombing which killed 22 people attending an Ariana Grande concert, a tweet by Daily Mail columnist and British media personality Katie Hopkins was investigated by London’s Metropolitan Police at the same time, by their own admission, nearly 800 active jihadis living in the British capital plotted to kill more Brits.

Let’s not forget that that Islamist terror cells often are made up of family members, even here in the U.S. I covered this topic back in July, but one story that jumps out due to how close to home it hit for me, is that of Ahmad Khan Rahami, who attempted mass murder with homemade bombs placed in New York City and New Jersey.

Some reports say that Rahami’s father told authorities while others said he had no idea, but I still refuse to accept that no one knew of Rahami’s involvement considering he was building and testing bombs in the backyard of his family’s Elizabeth, N.J. home.

Harboring an Islamist terrorist and allowing him to build and test weapons intended to kill in the name of Allah is undeniably Muslim supremacy.

It’s troubling that this conversation is limited to conservative media outlets.

Media Blackouts Leave Us Blind To A Dangerous Truth

When I asked Geller about the mainstream media’s refusal to discuss Muslim supremacy, she reminded me of an important fact.

“The Society for Professional Journalists after 9/11 formulated guidelines forbidding journalists from mentioning Islam and jihad together,” Geller said. “The mainstream media is compromised and committed to carrying water for Islamic supremacists.”

No stranger to the dangers of Muslim supremacy and Islamist violence is my friend Chadwick Moore, who covered the Pulse nightclub shooting for Out and The Advocate magazines. It was strongly suggested that he stay away from Islam, like many other media outlets.

“Political Islam uses political correctness to its advantage extremely successfully,” Moore said. “Mix that with open borders and the fact that the mainstream media, leftists, and Islamists all love authoritarianism and you’ve got all the ingredients for the rise Muslim supremacy, and its supported by the left.”

He also suggested that I get smart on something called taqiyya — circumstances in which the Quran, Hadith and Sira all permit Muslims to lie if it advances the cause of Islamists’ goal to build trust with infidels in order to defeat them.

Islamists effectively recruited leftists globally with taqiyya tactics to create a situation where anyone who is critical of Islam is considered an “Islamophobe” and lambasted by the left. Geller also pointed out that an established class above criticism is exactly what sharia calls for.

With the mainstream media completely in bed with the Islamist agenda, it’s up us to call out this injustice whenever we see it or read about it because the consequences could be deadly.

Fortunately the Trump administration is taking necessary precautions to protect Americans through stronger border security, the travel ban, and stricter vetting of immigrants entering our nation. Trump did not shy away from the topic of Islamist terror in his recent U.N. General Assembly address.

“We will stop radical Islamic terrorism because we cannot allow it to tear up our nation and, indeed, to tear up the entire world,” President Trump said. “We must deny the terrorists safe haven, transit, funding, and any form of support for their vile and sinister ideology. We must drive them out of our nation.”

While the mainstream media ignores Muslim supremacy, loses it over President Trump standing up for America at the U.N., and continues worshiping late night hosts that ridicule conservative politicians and conservative Americans alike, we must continue to focus on the America First agenda and keeping our borders and homeland safe.

America has to come first.

James Merse is a healthcare communications professional from Northern New Jersey and teaches communication courses at community colleges. Follow him on Twitter: @JamesMerse

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