Hillary Comms Director: $1000/Year ‘Not That Much For Working Class Families’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Jennifer Palmieri, who served as Hillary Clinton’s communications director in the 2016 campaign, claimed that $1000 a year in tax cuts is “not that much” for a working class family.


Clinton was accused of being out of touch with working class voters during the 2016 campaign, and Palmieri’s comments on MSNBC Friday certainly won’t help that perception fade.

Palmieri started off her insensitive comments with a bit of fake news, stating, “what is also going to hurt [Trump] with his own voters is Gary Cohn’s statement up at the podium going, ‘I can’t guarantee there’s a middle class tax cut.'”

What Cohn actually said during Thursday’s press briefing was that he couldn’t guarantee every single middle class family would receive a tax cut as everyone’s situation is different.

Then Palmieri hit viewers with the real kicker.

“[Cohn is] not understanding that $1000 over the course of a year is not that much to a working class family,” she said.

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