Did You Know You Could Make French Press Coffee To Go?

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Well folks, Amazon officially has it all. You can find anything under the stars on this site, including a to-go French press! This might be the coolest coffee accessory yet.

French presses are incredibly useful. You can make a delicious cup of coffee for a fraction of the price of an electric coffee brewer or a Keurig, and French presses save you from the papery taste of a filter from a pour-over cone. Their only downside? You have to wait about five minutes for the coffee to seep. As all of you busy folks know, waiting the extra five minutes in the morning turns into an eternity when you’re running late! Now there’s a solution!

This might be the niftiest coffee accessory yet (Photo via Amazon)

This might be the niftiest coffee accessory yet, and it’s just $10 (Photo via Amazon)

Zyliss Travel French Press and Coffee Mug for $9.99

The Zyliss Travel French Press allows you to make your coffee in the cup you’ll be drinking from. You brew your coffee French-press-style as usual, and instead of pacing around your kitchen waiting for it to be ready, you get to take it with you. Minutes into your commute to work, your coffee is ready!

For only $10, this to-go French press could be yours. It’s even dishwasher safe. It can’t get any easier. Just think of all of time you’ll save while still getting a quality cup of Joe.

This travel French press is incredibly useful (Photo via Amazon)

This travel French press is incredibly useful (Photo via Amazon)

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