People Mag Deletes Story About Apparently Fake Las Vegas Shooting Victim

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People magazine has deleted a story about a Las Vegas shooting victim who doesn’t appear to exist.

The magazine ran a story on Wednesday about a terminally ill man, Larry Parra, who they claimed was among the 58 people killed in the mass shooting in Las Vegas last Sunday. The story, a cached version of which can be viewed here, was based entirely off the account of one alleged eyewitness, Jason Rogers.

The photos that Rogers provided of “Larry Parra” are actually photos of Rogers’ husband, Mic reported.

Rogers claimed to have been at the Las Vegas concert with Parra, only to have gotten separated shortly before the shooting started.

“I heard the shots, and after I got up from the ground from ducking I went to try and find Larry,” Rogers told People. “I didn’t want to leave him because he is a very dear and close friend.”

“When Rogers eventually did see Parra again, about 30 minutes later, he was lying on the ground with a bullet wound to his head,” the People story read. “People unintentionally trampled over Parra’s body, Rogers said, as he witnessed it all in shock.”

“I saw a lot of dead people,” Rogers told People. “It was horrible. I was freaking out.”

None of the lists of victims compiled by media outlets contain a Larry Parra or a Laurence Parra, and the Clark County Coroner’s office couldn’t confirm to Mic that a Larry Parra was among those killed on Sunday.

The People reporter, Caitlin Keating, told Mic that Jason Rogers was her only source for the claim.