Washington Post Ignores Weinstein Scandal

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer alleged Friday that the print edition of The Washington Post didn’t mention Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse scandal — he’s right.

There are decades of previously undisclosed sexual assault and harassment allegations against Weinstein, as reported by the New York Times Thursday. Considering Weinstein is one of Hollywood’s top producers and donates regularly to Democratic politicians, one would expect WaPo to at least mention the story in its pages today.

Spicer noticed the omission and tweeted about it Friday morning.

We decided to double check and make sure Spicer’s claim was accurate. Sure enough, the online replica of Friday’s print edition of WaPo didn’t have a single story about the major scandal. A search of the paper revealed it isn’t mentioned in any of its other stories either.

The WaPo website isn’t much better. As of the time this piece was published, the only story on the homepage about Weinstein was an opinion piece at least halfway down the page.

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