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Kat Timpf Vapes Before Fox Business Appearance

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Kat Timpf is a Fox News contributor, co-host on the Greg Gutfeld Show and writer for National Review.

Monday afternoon, Kat tweeted a 3 second clip of herself vaping an e-cig, while letting her readers know she will be appearing on Kennedy Tonight on Fox Business:

It is good to see Kat making a good decision on her method of nicotine intake. Kat, who is well-known for her libertarian political bent, has recently been more vocal on Twitter about her fondness for vaping. Considering how much better it is for you than cigarettes, this is a healthy choice.

Vaping is catching on, among people from all walks of life. No one can argue that. And finally people are beginning to understand the harm reduction benefits vaping has to offer.

Now, I do know Greg Gutfeld is also an outspoken vaper. I wonder if he had any influence on Kat’s vaping, since that they host together on Greg’s show. Or maybe she helped Greg get into vaping? Whatever the case may be, I am waiting now for them to both vape together during one of their Fox broadcasts. Just two good people casually vaping on a political on-air show. That, I think would help the vaping movement!

Kat and Greg, you are welcome here at the Daily Vaper at any time. We, as vapers, should all welcome your voice in the fight in keeping vaping available, legal and more socially acceptable.