Apparently Harvey Weinstein’s Academy Award Hopes Don’t Look So Good

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Harvey Weinstein’s chances at another Oscar aren’t looking so good, but he’s got worse problems on his hands at the moment.

Apparently Weinstein’s run at the upcoming Academy Awards season was already looking bad, but now that he’s accused of a decades-long history of sexual harassment, assault and rape, he doesn’t even stand a chance, according to industry experts.

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“Even before this happened, this was a terrible Oscar year for The Weinstein Company,” IndieWire’s Editor-in-Chief Dana Harris told Fox News. “‘The Current War’ received withering reviews, and their best hope was ‘Wind River.’ At this point, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Weinstein Company received no nominations.”

“People will talk about Harvey’s absence during awards season, certainly, but his company has been struggling for some time,” she continued. “Right now, everything Weinstein touched is toxic.”

The editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter echoed Harris’ remarks in that he wouldn’t be surprised if The Weinstein Company’s movies didn’t get the votes.

“There will be a real reluctance on the part of Oscar voters to vote for a Harvey Weinstein production this year,” Matthew Belloni told USA Today.

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The Weinstein Company has been a force to be reckoned with at the Oscars for years, and that is part of the reason why Weinstein was able to keep his alleged victims quiet for so long. Many of them feared the movie mogul would ruin their careers.

But with the recent reports that have exposed his repulsive behavior, his impressive career has been tarnished and the respect he once commanded has completely vanished.