CNN Contributor Calls Out Eminem For Rapping About Violence Against Women [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN contributor John Phillips said Wednesday that Eminem is a bad face of the anti-Trump opposition because he has consistently rapped about violence against women.


After Eminem performed an anti-Trump freestyle at the BET awards on Tuesday night, a number of CNN anchors and pundits praised his “powerful” and “passionate” message. (RELATED: CNN, MSNBC Hosts Fawn Over ‘Powerful’ Eminem Rap Telling Trump Supporters ‘F*** You’) 

But Phillips argued that Eminem is a bad person to make the new face of the anti-Trump resistance because of the things he has rapped about in the past.

“This is a battle that’s good for Donald Trump,” Phillips said. “Eminem isn’t exactly the Irving Berlin of our times and he makes Harvey Weinstein look like Gloria Steinem.”

“He talks about violence against women, he talks about violence against gays, he talked about horrific misogynistic things, and he’s the face of the opposition?” Phillips asked.

Anchor Poppy Harlow accused Phillips of belittling what Weinstein did to women, to which Phillips replied, “Harvey Weinstein’s been accused of rape and Eminem also talked about explicit violence against women–I think both of those two things coarsen the culture and are bad for America.”

“I think having either one of these guys as the face of the opposition benefits Trump,” he concluded.

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