Take A Break From The NFL’s Problems To Watch Ravens Running Back Irish Dance

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Ravens running back Alex Collins has found a new meaning for fancy footwork.

In order to stay nimble on the field, he has taken up Irish dancing.

This is just great. Look at how seriously he takes himself during the routine. As the Irish fiddle absolutely tears in the background. Electric performance.

And since I’m a big time investigator, I did a little digging into Collins and his Irish jigging.

It turns out that Alex Collins hasn’t always taken Irish dancing that seriously. As recently as 2013, he can be seen hating on the dance.

Exhibit A:

Apparently his high school coach’s daughter Irish dances, so before Collins was drafted, his coach and his daughter challenged him to take a class.

Apparently after the first class Alex was hooked. He regularly returns home to take classes and carpools to the dance academy with his coach’s daughter.

He even offers occasional advice to other kids who love the dance.

He’s even spread some luck of the Irish around the NFL:

If this doesn’t singlehandedly solve some of the unrest in the NFL I don’t know what will.