MSNBC Guest Says Conservative Christianity Is ‘Not Christian’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A guest on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” stated that conservative Christians like Roy Moore aren’t actually Christian.


After host Joy Reid referred to Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore as the “darling of the Christian right,” guest Rev. William Barber said that right-wing Christians weren’t real Christians.

Reid asked, “Judge Roy Moore, it is interesting. He is a darling of the Christian right. But reading this article this week about how he once stood steadfast against removing segregation and poll taxes from the Alabama Constitution and yet he fits in fine. Why is that?”

Barber answered, “I just can’t call it ‘Christian right.’ It’s so wrong. It’s not Christian. Gun waving politicians that support segregation is not Christian. It’s crazy.”

He continued, “And people are somehow being fooled and it’s time really for there to be a major challenge to this kind of public heresy that we see going on that is so counter the real values of Christianity.”

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