Marshawn Lynch Had An Electric Night In Oakland Last Night

(Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports/REUTERS)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Marshawn Lynch may have gone a little overboard in Beast Mode last night.

The Raiders running back was ejected from the game against the Chiefs for tussling with a ref. It was pretty iconic.

From what it looks like, Lynch got over-excited while trying to play peacekeeper (he and Marcus Peters are reportedly close friends) and ran off the sidelines to give the ref a piece of his mind.

But anybody who knows Marshawn Lynch knows he rarely does anything according to norms. So although he was ejected from the game, he wasn’t really going anywhere.

It didn’t take long for reports to surface that he was still at the game, just a little more incognito.

There’s always a snitch.

So Marshawn hung out in an empty seat for the remainder of the game without a ton of people noticing. Pretty sweet.

But he didn’t go back to his car after the game was over. He and Marcus Peters rode the BART back home together.

Somewhere between the final whistle and the very public transportation ride, people started noticing it was him.

Might’ve been the whole “f*** the Chiefs” chant that did it.

Thank goodness Beast Mode isn’t retired. It’s for the good of Oakland.