Afternoon Mirror: ‘Morning Joe’ Attempts Self-Awareness

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“If we spent our days on ‘Morning Joe’ documenting all of the lies that come out of the mouths of Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders and everybody else at the White House, that’s all we’d do for three hours a day.” 

Joe Scarborough, co-host, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” on Tuesday’s program.

Quick Question: True. But isn’t that what the show already does?




Larry Flynt says he’s serious

“Yes, I fully intend on paying the entire $10M. This is not my first rodeo. This is an active investigation, and every lead is being vetted.” — Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt on his quest to find dirt on President Trump.

Piers Morgan finds a side of Trump he likes

“Just watched @realDonaldTrump be warm, charming, humble & sincere at a Medal of Honor ceremony. Wish we saw more of this side of him.” — Piers Morgan, Daily Mail columnist.

What the hell is wrong with NBC? 

“Lester Holt opens with ‘FOX covered up for Bill O’Reilly’ a week after NBC just spent a year hiding the Harvey Weinstein story.” — Mark Simone, WOR radio host.

Is Sam Stein the Tootsie Roll police? 

“I brought a massive bag of tootsie candy to the office and @samstein is threatening to throw them all away.” — Andrew Desiderio, congressional reporter, The Daily Beast.

“Best managerial decision I’ve made.” — Sam Stein, politics editor, The Daily Beast.

The Media Observer

“That we are still talking about the condolence call is proof he is in fact a FUCKING MORON.” — Randi Mayem Singer, screenwriter of Mrs. Doubtfire.

RedState writer says attorney Lisa Bloom‘s behavior makes her have sympathy for comedian Kathy Griffin in an amusing essay called: “Suddenly Kathy Griffin Isn’t So Annoying.” She calls Bloom a “bullying publicity-whore diva.” See here.

Journos’ hopes to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders in flesh are initially dashed 

The event: “Trump’s First Year: Will Politics, Policy and the Presidency Ever be the Same?”

Panelists: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, WHpress secretary ● Olivier Knox, chief Washington correspondent, Yahoo! News; president-elect, White House Correspondents Association (2018-2019) ● John Roberts, chief White House correspondent, Fox News ● April Ryan, White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief, American Urban Radio Networks; CNN political correspondent ● Glenn Thrush, White House correspondent, NYTSarah Binder, professor of political science, GW ● Frank Sesno, director, GW School of Media and Public Affairs (co-moderator) ● Margaret Talev, White House correspondent, Bloomberg News; CNN political analyst; president, White House Correspondents’ Association (co-moderator)

Here’s the rejection letter… some Washington journalists received when they asked to attend an event at George Washington University.

Hi So and So [Name removed],

Thank you for your interest in the event “Trump’s First Year: Will Politics, Policy and the Presidency Ever be the Same?” at the George Washington University on Monday, Oct. 23.

Unfortunately due to limited seating and incredibly high demand, we are not able to provide you with a space in the venue. There are alternate options to view the event:

  • Video of the event will be broadcast live at
  • There will be an outside overflow room showing the event on-site.

We sincerely appreciate your interest and hope you’re still able to watch. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jason Shevrin

LifeZette‘s Jim Stinson was initially pretty miffed. He really wanted to attend the event. But at first, Shevrin turned him away. Stinson received the above letter and made a big stink about it. Ultimately, Shevrin calmed his nerves and found a spot for him. “New media outlets are struggling to get recognized,” Stinson told The Mirror. “In the end, it pays to complain. A lot of institutions aren’t used to the new media landscape.”

New job announcement… 

“Some personal news without a hint of sarcasm: I’m now officially a part of @dcexaminer as a Commentary Video Editor & Writer. #blessed.” — Siraj Hashmi. When asked, “You’re pivoting to video?” Hashmi replied, “More like the Examiner is pivoting to me.”

Quaint Convo Between Two Ex-Fox News Hosts

Bill O’Reilly: Apologies to Eric Bolling and prayers for him and his family. The message I tried to send was that allegations harm kids. Nothing more.

Eric Bolling: Thanks Bill, apology accepted.

Read all about O’Reilly blaming the media for the death of Bolling’s son. Bolling was not pleased. In the piece, Bolling says the coroner “indicated” that Eric Chase Bolling‘s death was an accident and not suicide. See here.

In praise of Patrick Howley 

“‘Howley is the best go-to guy I’ve ever had’ – Steve Bannon” — a Facebook post from Patrick Howley, editor, Big League Politics.

Tabloid-Gosssip Roundup



TMZ: The tabloid site catches up with Trump foe Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) on Capitol Hill. This should be good. See here

NYP‘s Page Six: Inside Edition correspondent accuses Steven Seagal of sexual misconduct. See here. There’s an audio of the actor calling women “cocksuckers.”

Daily Mail: Javanka are matchmakers. See here.

Rolling Stone: R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend has a big story to tell. You won’t want to miss this insanity. See here.

Vanity Fair: MSNBC’s Brian Williams‘ rare second act. See here.