Conservative Radio Host: ‘It Scares Me’ We Can’t Discuss The Civil War [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Conservative radio host and CNN commentator Ben Ferguson defended Gen. John Kelly for saying the Civil War came out of a “lack of ability to compromise.”


Ferguson argued that the Civil War was caused by a lack of compromise, explaining, “you had three quarters of a million people die, it’s very obvious in the Civil War there was not compromise.”

“There were a lot of people that said, ‘I’m going to stick with my state,’ there was…a lack of a compromise on slavery, it was a lack of a compromise on taxes, a lack of a compromise on representation,” Ferguson continued.

He also said that is scares him that a USMC General, who probably studied the Civil War for years in military school, is unable to discuss the Civil War without being accused of bigotry.

“It shouldn’t always be controversial to have a conversation about history,” Ferguson said. “It scares me in this country now that we can’t even discuss the Civil War without someone screaming that this is racially insensitive or, ‘that’s not exactly what you should be talking about.'”


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