This Drone For Experienced Hobbyists Is SO Popular, We Had To Get You A Discount Of Over 50 Percent

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a product on Amazon more popular than this quadcopter. Seriously, take a look. Over 400 customers have taken the time to write a review for it, and 94 percent gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars! That leads to an average rating of an enviable 4.9 stars. Ratings that high are nearly impossible after that many reviews. People LOVE this drone.

And what’s not to love? There’s the new brushless motors (the Rolls-Royce of motors) that allow you to fly your drone for up to 20 minutes. There is the ability to have full control even when your drone is 500 meters away. You can fly this thing up to 1,000 feet and beyond in seconds. It features two way communication so your drone can send signals back to you! And even has an action camera slot. Here at the Daily Dealer, we’ve often featured drones for beginners. This one just happens to be for the more experienced among you. Of course, beginners can still use it if they want to rapidly improve their skills.

We just had to find a way to get this drone into our readers hands. And we did. With the code I58HXJUK you can get this drone for half off until November 7.

Normally $170, this drone is 53 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $170, this drone is 53 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

DROCON Blue Bugs Brushless Drone on sale for $78.99 with code I58HXJUK

What are the three reasons to choose this drone? The product page easily answers that question: flight time, range and power. It promises the ability to leave spectators “stunned” by way of “full throttle flips, dives and other jaw-dropping maneuvers.” It can even be customized if you’re into decking out your drones yourself.

Are you in the mood to read reviews written by people who seriously love the thing they are reviewing? Well, then I got good news for you. There are 400 of those right here. Check out just a couple below.

John Strong writes:

I’ve purchased the MJX Bugs 3 drone 4 times.

Why? It’s awesome that’s why.

I had come from a department stores $100 green and black “drone” wanting more than I had experienced.

I got it. This thing is crazy fun, its fast, agile, wicked powerful, sounds great, looks better, is stable as can be, and it gets about 20 mins of flight time.

There is not another quad copter or drone that I have found in my exhaustive search for bang for my buck options that can even come close to this thing.

It is unforgiving, especially when I while learning to fly (which will never stop) panic due to losing my ability to understand the orientation and how to pull out of some ridiculously risky thing I have tried. I have admittedly done this countless times and honestly don’t regret any of them as I learn each time. It does bruise the ego when shortly after lift off the neighbors BBQ crew of Saturday evening friends have a laugh due to my smashing full force into the lone tree in a 3 acre park area that happens to be the neighborhoods large central “backyard”.

But I digress…

The Bugs 3 drone is one huge step up from any grade quad out there. Its extremely fun, remarkably tough, has loads of power and a very long flight time. I personally like that it does not have altitude hold or any of the other automated systems in place in most of the drones of this size, speed and quality. It is uniquely badass and kinda the only of its breed right now.

That plus all the mods available, it’s ability to also be used sanely for a very capable camera drone is another huge plus. Oh and I have failed to mention the range on this thing being unreal, so much so that it’s not likely anyone could ever find themselves limited by the range in LOS flying it’s just not possible. I’ve pushed it to the point of full on acceptance that I had flown it out of the ionosphere never to see it again when to my amazed self still nursing a drone I thought long gone slowly downward it appeared and I recovered it. Lots of good to say, not much bad at all.

At this price point you’re not going to get anything “better” only different. If flying without a safety net isn’t your thing buy something “different”.

If a drone that induces an ear to ear grin the entire time you fly it sounds good, Buy yourself a Bugs 3. I personally favor this Blue bugs over the red or black and recommend it whole heartedly.

Here’s Jamiey:


This is my second drone and must said this drone is more fun and enjoyable to fly due to it is much speedier and more powerful than the first drone I have.

The drone is very lightweight, solid and well made and it also doesn’t feel like “plastic’ when you hold it by your hand. It has white and red lights on the bottom of it body and look great when you fly it at the late evening or night.

The remote control is in simple design, easy to operate and also very responsive. No lost of signal during my fly. This drone comes with a 7.4v 1300mAh battery which of course will last much longer compared to those cheaper drone. The package also includes some accessories such an extra propellers and tools.

Overall this is an excellent drone and will be a perfect match to whoever has some experience flying a drone but would like to have more speed and power. Recommended.

Beginning to get the picture?

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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